Wednesday, May 25, 2011

-cinte penang & jb -

haha....thnx to my lovely

" mr. anas abd malik "

coz sudi dtg jmp syg! haha...terharu sgt kot...lgpon pasni da ssh an nk jmp.. 4 bulan kot...wuuargh! sba ra..sba... huhu.... betape seksanye bercinta jarak jauh insyallah kepercyaan y abg bg pd syg akn wt syg setia ngn abg! hehe that's my promise...=) thnx coz sudi syg eyra amafyra y ' gile2 nih ' haha.... thnx gk sbb dtg lam life syg! even dlu kite pnh cntc tp dsbb an msing2 ade 'someone'.. kite ignore je an n lost cntc...haha.. syg da knl abg selame 3 years but xrapat..just being a friends..but last year we getting close to each other... syg break awl buln 12 n abg break ngn gul abg akhr buln 12... dlm buln y same kite kecewe an abg... haha...abg xcye an gul n syg xpcy an boy.. O.M.G....but after we text n become a friends, u told me that u wants me become ur gf when we seeing each other..haha.. 2-04-2011 .syg tron melake n jmp abg... haha...klaka n syg scre auto nye jd kepoh...overnite ngn abg..snok sgt...blik tu syg tnye abg byk kali smpi nk dkt 4x btol ke syg jd gf abg da..haha..abg ckp ye.... syg tnye np abg nk syg jd gf abg...abg jwb sbb syg tlalu care sal abg...haha... thnx dear ! u always care bout me..tht y im falling in luv with u... after a few month im being a single n now im open my heart to accept u... haha....
p/s : anas syg....nak taw 1 thing x..actualy u r my type man..
1 -kemas
2 -teratur
3- use watch in right hand

4 - caring

5 - simple
romantik..? ckt kot...haha... xmemakse n try to be my friends when i need u as my friend... n u be my prince when i need u to be my prince..haha.. just 1 thing that i wants u always wants u be with me darl! luv u much3! syg dia...haha..

your video make me miss u dear!


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